Comment jouer Spotify hors ligne sur les montres intelligentes Wear OS ?

Pouvez-vous écouter Spotify hors ligne sur les montres intelligentes Wear OS ?

Wear OS smartwatch users will soon get the ability to play Spotify playlists and podcasts offline, direct from their wearable. Announced during the Google I/O keynote (May 18, 2021), the plans mean that Spotify's 365 million users will finally be able download music straight to their watch, with the ability to listen to the service offline when they don’t have their phone with them.

We don't know how long we'll have to wait, but it's certainly something to look forward to.

However, currently there is still an easy way for you to play spotify offline on Wear OS smartwatch.

Wear OS devices come with built-in storage, usually 4GB, which can be used to store MP3s. So you can download Spotify to mp3 and them store them on smartwatch.

Part 1 How to transfer local mp3 music to Wear OS smartwatch?

Since the shutdown of Google Play Music, Wear OS users haven’t had many options for offline music. Nav Explorer is a Wireless File Transfer for Wear OS.

Paer2 How to download Spotify music to mp3?

Once you have found the tool to transfer local music to Wear OS smartwatch, the next step is to save Spotify music to local . Here you will need Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter . It will help you remove the Spotify DRM protection and download Spotify songs to 4 common formats without quality loss. The following guide shows how to download Spotify music to MP3 only in 3 steps. Please make sure you have installed Spotify app on your computer.

Étape 1 : Téléchargez, installez et exécutez Ondesoft Spotify Converter sur votre ordinateur.

convertisseur spotify

Étape 2 : Importer de la musique Spotify dans Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Faites glisser et déposez le nom ou l'illustration de la chanson/album/liste de lecture de l'application Spotify vers le convertisseur. Ou cliquez sur Ajouter des fichiers, copiez et passez le lien chanson/album/liste de lecture dans la zone inférieure. Vous verrez tous les morceaux sur l'interface, puis cliquez sur le bouton Ajouter.

chansons spotify par glisser-déposer

Étape 3 : Convertir de la musique Spotify en MP3

Après avoir ajouté des chansons au convertisseur, vous pouvez personnaliser les paramètres de sortie en cliquant sur le bouton Options. Sélectionnez MP3 comme format de sortie. Cliquez ensuite sur le bouton Convertir, le convertisseur commencera à convertir la musique Spotify en MP3.

supprimer Spotify DRM

When the conversion is done, click the History button, then you will find all converted Spotify songs. Transfer the Spotify songs to your Wear OS smartwatch , you can then enjoy the songs on the go.

diffuser de la musique Spotify sur l'Apple TV

Convertisseur Spotify

Convertisseur Spotify
Téléchargez de la musique Spotify en MP3, M4A, etc. avec un compte gratuit ou premium.

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